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Infrastructure epidemiology
Mott MacDonald aims to incorporate pandemic resilience into all relevant sectors and services
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Infrastructure epidemiology

Mott MacDonald’s cross-sectoral approach to reduce the risk of disease transmission, restore services, and build confidence for a pandemic-resilient future.

Through our experience and expertise, we can help infrastructure owners and operators rebuild services and streamline operations during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond to become more resilient to global health threats.

Understanding the role infrastructure plays as a vector for the spread of infectious diseases, we've combined our world-class infrastructure and health advisory services to create a uniquely informed response to the COVID-19 pandemic that we call "infrastructure epidemiology."

With a diverse in-house team of experts in transit, aviation, buildings, epidemiology, disease control, economics, modeling, ventilation and more, we advise on practical and evidence-based interventions and operational improvements to manage the COVID-19 pandemic in infrastructure settings from airports to sports stadiums.

Infrastructure epidemiology can mitigate the risk of virus transmission. It goes beyond the basics of physical distancing, face coverings, and frequent cleaning.

We work with clients to explore various options to find an acceptable balance between risk and operations. This includes redesigning facilities for optimized processes and people flow, introducing digital solutions, modeling pedestrian traffic and ventilation, and developing effective communications, with a focus on keeping employees informed and safe, and rebuilding people’s confidence that the risk of infection is effectively managed.

We are witnessing the unprecedented impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on social and economic outcomes across the world. As emerging infectious disease events are increasing in frequency in a globalized world, we must prepare for the next infectious disease threat. We must improve our preparedness and build for pandemic resilience.

Pandemic-resilient infrastructure incorporates preparedness planning for different scenarios, allowing operators and asset owners to absorb risk, adapt, and transform in the face of a pandemic event.

Mott MacDonald aims to incorporate pandemic resilience into all relevant sectors and services to minimize the impact of current and future infectious disease threats on the operation of infrastructure services and reduce disruption to lives and the economy, thereby delivering better value to our clients and our communities.

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been collating and reviewing global evidence about the disease, its transmission, detection, clinical features, and progress in developing treatments and vaccines.

We have been applying quantitative epidemiological risk modeling on a wide range of infrastructure to assess against baselines to enable opening up and the development of capacity and services. This allows quantifiable adjustment of interventions to manage the risk.

Our insight and advice are based on the best available information and collated as a live resource that is continuously updated as new information emerges. Our epidemiologists and public health specialists sift, compare, and challenge information for credibility and quality, replacing out-of-date guidance as new findings become available. The result is a best-in-industry foundation to guide our clients to make better investment decisions and reduce risk.

We take a three-step approach for infrastructure epidemiology during the COVID-19 pandemic and into the future.

  1. Immediate actions. Operational interventions to immediately reduce risk of transmission and get our cities moving again. Existing assets, equipment and processes are reviewed and non-pharmaceutical interventions employed.
  2. New solutions. Introduce new technologies to further reduce risk and improve the customer experience as well as unlocking necessary capacity as demand increases.
  3. Pandemic resilience. Longer-term changes to strengthen risk management, including planning and design of future assets to reduce the impact of infectious diseases.

Our relevant work includes the following:

  • Advising on reduction of virus transmission in infrastructure settings to restore services and improve confidence. Activities have included workshops for public transit operators, the education sector, risk reduction modeling for courthouses, and advisory services for airports.
  • Managing disease control interventions in over 30 countries through our public health and epidemiology specialists.
  • Technical and project management support for four temporary COVID-19 surge hospitals in the UK, each delivered within three weeks, with a capacity of more than 7,500 beds

How can we help?

Through our experience and expertise, we can help infrastructure owners and operators rebuild services and streamline operations during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

Here are a few examples of what we can offer:

  • Translate the evolving evidence and regulations. We advise clients based on the most up-to-date epidemiological evidence and ensure compliance with regulations. We'll help you strengthen your leadership based on what works.
  • Streamline your operational processes. We use evidence-based risk and economic modeling to develop customized situational models, comparing risk reduction scenarios within your facilities to aid decision-making.
  • Manage change. We provide the human resources, change management, and customer services expertise to review and optimize your processes and build staff and customer confidence.
  • Implement digital solutions. We identify and support you to implement technology enablers, from passenger apps to sanitation solutions and smart infrastructure.
  • Navigate financial pressures. We can help you cost-effectively build back capacity and revenue.
  • Build pandemic resilience. We offer preparedness and contingency planning, risk assessment services, and adaptable design of buildings.

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