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Digital delivery

At Mott MacDonald, we’re digital by default. A digital approach is woven into nearly every project we undertake.

Our digital solutions help you gather, manage, analyze, and integrate many types of data, and make decisions based on real-time project and asset information.

A digital approach to infrastructure can dramatically improve decision-making and project efficiencies. Our digital experts are helping deliver enhanced economic, social, and environmental value in infrastructure — globally.

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Building Information Modeling (BIM) has become a global phenomenon: a collaborative, outcome-focused way of working to maximize efficiency in design.

However, the benefits of BIM extend far beyond basic 3D models. At Mott MacDonald, we’ve created BIM models for some of the biggest and most complicated infrastructure projects in the world. Through our integrated model-based delivery method and a BIM object library with over 10,000 components, we can help you make the most of BIM.

In May 2020, we launched Rehearsive, a virtual reality (VR) and desktop product that allows infrastructure designers and operators to walk through construction scenarios with their team and delivery partners — no matter their location. Rehearsive integrates with existing 3D workflows and BIM models, bringing together a diverse range of knowledge and skills into one interactive, collaborative VR project environment.

Information management

Can you find the information you created six months ago? Effective information management enables our clients to use their time, resources, and expertise to make decisions based on information they can trust.

For the City of Olympia in Washington State, we developed flow rate statistics, modeled wave effects at the shoreline, and used predictive modeling to determine the depths of inundation in the downtown for a range of storms, including the 500-year return period for the current sea level and for predicted higher sea levels.

The result? We presented a range of practical recommendations, including raising the shoreline elevation at low-lying areas, improving erosion protection along the peninsula, and installing more valves on outfalls connected to Water Street catch basins.

For a major water utility, we used cloud-based technologies to develop a GIS-centric inspection workflow for replacing lead service lines. With the help of our advanced systems, we enabled our client to meet its goal of replacing more than 2,400 lead service lines within a 12-month time frame.

Geospatial technology

Geographic information systems (GIS) and other geospatial technology makes it possible to gather, manager, analyze, and integrate many types of data. Information can be presented in layers and displayed in maps or three-dimensional models. Patterns and relationships emerge that can drive smarter decisions.

Mott MacDonald applies geospatial technology to a range of projects: securing right-of-way for oil and gas pipelines, modeling water and wastewater distribution systems, planning for a rise in sea level, or routing cables for an offshore wind farm.

GIS is an essential element of Fieldbook, our exclusive map-based solution that helps companies stay in touch with their staff in the field.

Smart infrastructure

Smart infrastructure enhances the physical world with digital insights. It improves efficiency, helps you make better decisions and pinpoints errors before they happen. It’s always on and always learning.

In Auckland, New Zealand, we have redefined the relationship between citizens and the city council, enabling swimmers to know where it’s safe to go into the sea. Our unique predictive modeling and Safeswim online platform overcome the uncertainties caused by heavy rain and wastewater overflows. Find out more at our Smart Infrastructure Hub.

Smart mobility

Faced with spiraling city populations and busier transport networks, the challenge of matching public expectation with day-to-day performance is increasingly important for our clients within the private and public transport environment. We’re applying smart mobility technology to the challenge.

Osprey is a suite of intelligent smart mobility applications that provides cost-effective tools for traffic managers and operations staff. It also delivers a wealth of dynamic information to travelers via web, mobile devices, SMS, voice, interactive kiosks, and personal navigation, empowering public transport users to make informed journey choices.

Merlin, our incident and crisis management solution, helps decision makers record and share information that is accurate, up-to-date and easy to understand. Intra- and inter-organizational collaboration is improved through a shared information picture, helping decisions to be made and outcomes disseminated faster and more effectively.

SafeStroll was introduced in 2018 at a three-day Hackathon in Vancouver, BC. This practical web app helps help parents and students find a safe, walkable route to school. SafeStroll applies a route-finding algorithm that considers safe transportation features, such as crossing type, construction sites and sidewalk availability, to select the best and safest way — not just the fastest.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning

From Siri and Alexa to self-driving cars, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are playing an increasingly important part in our everyday life.

In Louisiana, the dredging of the Calcasieu Ship Channel increased the infiltration of saltwater in channels and bayous, destroying valuable wetlands. We used neural networks, one of the most powerful subsets of AI, to model tidal hydrodynamics and hydraulics. Our neural network model completed its task in 4.5 seconds compared to 16 computer days for the traditional numerical model. That’s 300,000 times faster!

Better information drives better decisions

Our digital solutions help you gather, manage, analyze, and integrate many types of data, and make decisions based on real-time project and asset information. We make the right information available when and where it is needed.

Whether securing right-of-way for oil and gas pipelines, modeling water and wastewater distribution systems, planning for a rise in sea level, or routing cables for an offshore wind farm, our digital solutions help you make better decisions and create better economic, social, and environmental outcomes.

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