Creating the world’s
most liveable city.
Auckland wants to be the world’s most liveable
city, but unpredictable wastewater overflows
are polluting its beaches. Swimmers don’t know
where it’s clean and safe to go into the sea. 

We used our tools to see the unseen. 
Collaborating with local
partners, we pinpointed 10
invaluable data streams to
measure the performance of
Auckland’s wastewater infrastructure.
Allowing us to predict the
water quality across 84 
different beaches.
We present this information back to the public in
real-time. Now we help 350,000 people know when
it's safe to swim, and Auckland gets a step closer
to becoming the world’s most liveable city.
Our tools show you more
Moata allows us to interrogate exactly how Auckland’s
infrastructure is affected by real-world variables. From this
we can provide advanced scenario planning, helping to
manage risk and maximise the impact of future investment
to improve social, economic and environmental health. 
These created one billion
data points which are
analysed every single day.
How do you stop a
city’s sewage system
from flooding?
Increasing demands on our sewage and water systems
are putting people at risk. When extreme weather
combines with overuse, the systems can flood, releasing
wastewater into public spaces.
Through a variety of specially
installed sensors, our tools
model the water and sewage
infrastructure of a city 24/7. 
Our expertise helps us
understand where to place
the right sensors to get the
best results.
Combining these results with real-time data from
external sources enables us to see the unseen.
This helps our clients make better decisions, discover
new efficiencies and pinpoint flooding incidents before
they happen – the results are transformational.