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Two young children walking across cracked, dry land with a city skyline behind.

Water resources

Water as a resource is essential for socio-economic development and for the maintenance of healthy ecosystems anywhere in the world. The proper management of this resource forms a critical component of growth, poverty reduction and equity in any nation.

We can provide you with efficient and sustainable solutions to these issues that are aimed at optimising natural flows in rivers and groundwater sources to meet the various competing needs for water.

We can offer you solutions driven by insight, innovation and over 70 years global experience to meet challenges posed by the ever changing water demand for domestic, agricultural and industrial uses.

Water is critical to global development and population growth is increasing the competition for water between food production, domestic use and industrial consumption. Around the world, we assist governments and agencies in responding to water resource management challenges.

Water resources issues in which we provide technical assistance include local drinking water, large scale catchment management for water supply, irrigation water needs, hydropower schemes, flood and erosion control and protection of aquatic systems for wildlife.

We can provide you with efficient and sustainable solutions to these issues that are aimed at optimising natural flows in rivers and groundwater sources to meet the various competing needs for water.

We achieve this by using an integrated approach in developing solutions, combining our expertise and knowledge in the following areas:

  • Atmospheric, surface and ground water systems,
  • Complex water resource systems modelling
  • Domestic, industrial, agricultural, ecological and environmental water requirements
  • River transport processes that store and transform chemicals in the aquatic environment,
  • Biogeochemical processes in catchments and receiving water bodies,
  • GIS, remote sensing, spatial data analysis,
  • Economics of natural resources and,
  • Policies, laws and regulations related to water resources

These solutions include:

  • Structural measures - recommendations for provision and the design of dams, canals or treatment plants and,
  • Non-structural measures - provision of advice on institutional reforms, development of standards, pricing or water permitting and capacity building.

Some examples of major water resources management studies we have completed are:

  • Oman Water Balance – Our specialist team comprising of water resources, groundwater, agricultural and GIS experts developed a bespoke water balance model for the whole of Oman. This model has enabled authorities responsible for managing water in the country to accurately identify regions of the country which are either in a state of water surplus or deficit. It is now possible for planners in Oman to adequately allocate required investment to meet increasing water demand for domestic, industrial and agricultural consumption.

  • Surgut Municipal Water Rehabilitation – we provided overall project management, technical design, tendering and supervision for this project in Western Siberia. Our water resources team incorporated new technologies in the redesign of existing water supply boreholes. This resulted in significantly increased yields from the well field and additional water into the network supplying the city which has a population of 250,000.

  • Olympic Park – following the failure to rehabilitate an existing borehole initially assigned to supply water during the construction phase of the London 2012 Olympic Park, our specialist team were able to quickly and efficiently design an alternative borehole with the capacity to meet construction water demands. Through our early intervention we were able to minimise delays in the timetable for completion of the park.

  • Anglian Water Groundwater Level Forecasting Tool – through innovative thinking we were able to design and develop an easy to use and inexpensive groundwater level predictive tool that could accurately predict future groundwater levels during periods of drought.

  • China Water Resources Development Project – we assisted the Ministry of Water Resources to implement the 2002 Water Law though capacity building and institutional performance improvements. We worked with different administrative levels over five years to address the new emphasis of the water law in integrated water resources management and water demand management, with the end objective of sustainable social and economic development. The project involved a large number of examples of the practical application of modern technology and thinking in the process of water management in a resource-constrained environment.

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