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Hydrology and hydrogeology

The availability of water in the right quantity and quality is vital to meet the ever growing demand for domestic, agricultural, hydropower and recreational purposes. We provide specialist hydrological and hydrogeological services to a number of clients around the world for applications ranging from finding new water supplies for cities or irrigated farms, to conducting studies to support groundwater investigations and modelling.

We have a trusted reputation for excellence and quality in the delivery of first-class hydrological services spanning many years.


Knowledge of the occurrence and movement of water within the environment is essential to understanding the underlying processes that affect its availability for various uses. Our in-depth knowledge of this is the reason why globally clients ranging from national regulatory agencies to the private sector rely on us to solve their numerous water related problems.

Over the years we have built a reputation for excellence and quality in the delivery of first class hydrological services. We offer our clients solutions to water issues such as finding new water sources for public supply, predicting rates and amounts of runoff (river-forecasting), estimating required spillway and reservoir capacities, agricultural water needs, flooding risk and control, water for hydropower schemes and the general management of water resources.

We are committed to the integrity of the natural environment and we therefore work hard to offer our clients solutions that are cost effective and sustainable yet cutting edge. Also, we make due allowance for the potential impacts of climate and land use changes in all the analyses we undertake..

We have championed technology transfer by collaborative working between ourselves and our clients. This approach allows us to deliver projects efficiently within strict time constrains. We have built up considerable experience in the use of specialised software systems for hydrological analysis, and have developed a wide range of software in-house that has been used extensively in undertaking studies.

Extensive experience

  • Design and implementation of hydrometric data collection networks and processing systems
  • Water resource studies
  • Hydrological analysis and modelling for hydropower projects
  • Water quality investigations, including support for ecological and environmental investigations and permitting
  • Flood studies
  • Drought studies
  • Computation of water requirements
  • Drainage studies
  • Studies to support groundwater investigations/ modelling
  • Institutional strengthening and technology transfer

Notable projects

Yield assessments – We continually provide hydrological technical services to UK Water Companies including; Anglian Water, Severn Trent Water, Scottish Water, Wessex Water and Yorkshire Water to estimate available water for supply to their customers within their different operational areas. Through this work we have provided these companies with more reliable knowledge about water resource to help them make investment decisions to ensure uninterrupted supply to their customers.

Flood modelling studies – In flood risk studies we undertake on behalf of the UK regulator for the environment (Environment Agency), we provide hydrological modelling services which serve as inputs to hydraulic models. These models (hydraulic) are used to predict river water levels during severe rainfall events. This information is subsequently used to produce flood maps which illustrate areas that are at risk of flooding. These maps are important to planning authorities and land developers to identify areas suitable for development. Insurance companies also use this to guide pricing of home insurance premiums.

Water resources demand management assistance project in China – This Department for International Development (DFID) funded project spanned a period of five years. We provided technical assistance in the development of integrated water resources management plans in two river basins in China. These basins are Shiyang Basin in Gansu Province, and the Upper Daling Basin in Liaoning Province. We provided officials of department of water resources in these provinces with international best practices aimed at improving water management techniques/strategies in respective regions.

Integrated water resource management in Nigeria – We provided advisory services for the establishment of institutional/organisational arrangements in Jama’are and Cross River basins located in the northern and southern parts of Nigeria respectively. We introduced techniques and strategies for the implementation of participatory water resource planning and management in both river basins.


To achieve our high standards we employ specialist geologists, hydrogeologists, geophysicists, groundwater engineers, hydrologists, chemists, environmentalists, economists and water supply engineers who work on a large portfolio of groundwater assignments throughout the world.

Globally-recognised expertise

  • Investigation of groundwater systems, including exploratory geophysics and drilling, detailed geological, hydrological and hydrogeological assessments
  • Hydrogeological studies as an integral component of modelling of groundwater systems
  • Research and development
  • Hydrogeological studies in support of environmental impact, hydroecological assessments and abstraction consents.
  • Engineering of groundwater abstraction systems
  • Hydrogeological characterisation for the investigation, assessment and design of remediation measures for groundwater quality issues
  • Institutional development and training in the operation, management and monitoring of groundwater systems

Notable projects

East Kent groundwater model – We developed a conceptual and numerical groundwater model for the East Kent chalk aquifer on behalf of the Environment Agency. This model is being used by the Environment Agency as a regional aquifer management tool. It has provided the Environment Agency with the ability to test new abstraction scenarios from groundwater sources to meet the ever changing demand for public supply.

Anglian Water catchment management, UK – Our integrated surface and groundwater teams are providing ongoing support to Anglian Water on the management of diffuse pollution particularly from land used for agriculture within the Anglian region. We have developed risk maps of the region which are used by the client to inform their business planning.

Lee tunnel project, London – Our team of groundwater specialists are working collaboratively with a major contractor to the project to develop a monitoring strategy for the tunnel. We are providing strategic monitoring and assessment during construction and operation. By staffing a multi-disciplinary team we have achieved coverage of additional services and deployed rapid response monitoring for pollution incidents. These services are key to the delivery of the Lee Tunnel, one of the largest infrastructure projects in the UK.

Strengthening of water resources board, Malawi – We carried out multi-disciplinary review of the activities of the Water Resources Department in Malawi. This included design of more sustainable networks to monitor flows and quality of water sources, including the design of the first national groundwater monitoring network. This has enabled the Water Resources Board to have a better understanding and help protect the groundwater aquifer system in the country.

Urban water supply and sanitation project, Pakistan – We provided technical assistance services for the rehabilitation of the existing tubewells and designed and supervised the construction of 20 new tubewells in the Rawalpindi Municipal Corporation area. This project provided safe and reliable water supply to the population.

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