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Real sustainability delivers value for our clients, for us and for the communities where we work. It is not an added cost to projects and organisations. We’ve learned through practice that elements of the triple bottom line of sustainability are closely interrelated. We’re passionate about maximising all of them – and the diversity of areas we work in means we’re ideally placed to find new opportunities, delivered locally and backed by international know-how.

At Mott MacDonald we do not believe one size fits all. Even less so in sustainability. That’s why our approach and definition of sustainability is the result of a continuous dialogue with our clients, where we discuss needs and challenges of the region, the market, society and individual organisations or projects. There is no one sustainability agenda that perfectly matches every client.

And the knowledge of how to link apparently unrelated aspects of projects and to transform constraints into opportunities creates the real value from sustainability – which we know how to do:

Q: How can the shortage of materials and the remoteness of locations be advantages in developing new sites for oil exploration in the Jordanian desert?  

A: Simply reusing 100,000 cubic metres of material excavated during ground investigation to build site platforms with locally trained workforce. Final result is that we shaved off 25% of the time allocated to deliver the five sites ready for exploration.

Q: How can a 50% drastic reduction of the embodied carbon target in a water project in the UK bring a 37% even more drastic reduction on business plan costs?

A: Simply adding a pump and reversing the flow in the existing assets, hence avoiding the construction of 40km of new pipeline that would have crossed highly environmentally and socially sensitive areas.

Sustainability is simple. Achieving it is difficult. But we know how to do it.

Whether our clients’ needs are related to energy, water, behavioural aspects, economics and management skills, we in Mott MacDonald can deliver value through sustainability.

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Real sustainability adds value not cost - that's what we offer our clients, whatever business they're in.