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Insight: Action

Data from and about assets is growing at an exponential rate. We can now use data as never before to achieve efficiency and realise value. It’s time for the infrastructure industry to seize the opportunity.

Moata — our cloud-based analytics and visualisation service — provides real-time insight into asset performance to enable predictive maintenance and better decision making. It's about turning data into information, giving you confidence to take action.

Moata. Insight: Action. Bringing information to life for informed asset management.

Visit moata.com to find out more.

Better decisions faster and cheaper

Collect data from across your infrastructure to move from reactive to proactive asset management, optimising performance and cutting costs.

Modernising Auckland’s stormwater management systems

Auckland City Council manages NZ$5bn of stormwater assets, but depended on a paper-based system and audits of as-built drawings and CCTV videos to design renewal plans.

We used Moata to digitise the entire management system, which is now driving over NZ$10M in critical asset renewal projects. This has brought cost savings of over 20% through efficiency gains and data storage while eliminating the need for external project management. Now city authorities have a modern, digitised system to enhance control of stormwater assets.

Turn data into information

Moata is a cloud-based service which provides stakeholders with access to real-time asset information. Its intuitive interface makes data easy to understand and action.

Supporting long-term economic development through informed decision making

Economic development is driving unprecedented population growth in Hamilton, New Zealand. The local council needed a water planning process to ensure service to a growing customer base.

Moata provides a multi-user interactive modelling and masterplaning portal to enable city authorities to visualise and compare the effects of new infrastructure. The system enables better collaboration and planning, increasing resilience and supporting economic growth.

Created by infrastructure experts

Moata is truly unique as it is built on our 150-year heritage of engineering, infrastructure investment, environmental management and project control.

It has been created by and for built environment professionals. Moata can be applied to all core infrastructure sectors, including power, water, transport and urban development projects.

Helping Christchurch bounce back after disaster

Urban growth and increased use of hard paving in Christchurch caused an increase in sewer overflows. We installed 30 pressure, flow and ultrasonic sensors across the sewer system, allowing the asset manager to monitor flow rates and location of overflow incidents to better manage the wastewater system.

Not only did Moata bring major efficiencies to the wastewater network, it also helped the sewage system bounce back after the devastating earthquake of February 2011. The platform helped to pinpoint damage, allowing authorities to quickly fix leaks and restore service provision, getting Christchurch back on its feet quicker.

MOATA enables…

- Real-time reporting on asset performance
- Insight into long-term trends and patterns
- Ability to isolate issues and target action
- Predictive modelling and scenario planning
- Alerts to anomalies and trigger values

Using real-time visualisation for greater asset insight

We helped Watercare to trial 3500 smart meters in Waiuku, Auckland, to gain a better understanding of water usage and to see if the technology could help reduce losses at a larger scale.

By deploying Moata the client achieved a much better understanding of water losses. By enabling data to be clearly presented, even to non-technical stakeholders, Moata clearly highlighted what issues had to be addressed to make the installation of water meters successful in the wider city.

For you and your customers

- Smarter investment decision-making
- Optimise asset performance
- Targeted, prioritised maintenance
- Lower whole-life costs
- Better real-time collaboration

An early warning system for Auckland’s swimmers

Auckland’s beaches and waterways are usually clean enough for swimmers, but after heavy rain, the wastewater network can be overwhelmed, leading to sewer overflows into the city’s rivers and harbours.

Moata connects real-time sensors across the wastewater network and global weather data, processing over 1bn data points each day to deliver high quality forecasts on water quality at 84 beaches around Auckland. This allows swimmers and beach goers to make informed decisions about when and where to go.

Moata brings the benefits of smart infrastructure to your assets.

Smart infrastructure brings a digital overlay to physical infrastructure, empowered by data science to improve the performance of assets, extending their life, releasing capacity, improving service and cutting cost.

It’s about achieving better outcomes for society, the environment – and your business.

Use Moata for enhanced insights and better decision making.

Our team has been building, using, and implementing the Moata platform internally and for our clients for almost 10 years.

We have extensive experience of helping our customers' workflow, an experience gained through successfully delivering real world projects in Australia, New Zealand, and all over the world. Our team is made up of some of the brightest and most dedicated engineers, software developers, and data scientists in the world, able to give you unprecedented insight into your assets.

For more information visit moata.com or contact:

Thomas Joseph
Team leader - Planning and Needs Analysis

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