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Press Release
13 January 2011
Mott MacDonald oversees Southampton Guildhall Square revitalisation
Mott MacDonald has successfully managed the revitalisation programme for Southampton’s Guildhall Square, delivering cost certainty on behalf of Southampton City Council. The Guildhall Square forms the focus of the City’s cultural quarter, having been transformed to become a central meeting place and events venue with a pedestrian friendly environment. Using a combination of public art, event lighting and landscape design, the revitalised square is targeted to attract both local and wider audiences to the area.

Before construction work began in August 2009, Mott MacDonald was engaged to provide a value engineering review and assisted in the design process so that quality would be delivered within the tight budgetary constraints set. In addition, Mott MacDonald managed the contract tender and award process, including quality assessment.

As part of Mott MacDonald’s appointment, a contract management specialist was seconded into the council’s team to oversee the programme, managing change and achievement of quality targets.

Mott MacDonald’s director for local authority services Richard Chinn said, “This is an excellent example of an international company using locally based teams, who have worked with the council’s own team to achieve a quality outcome that will benefit the local community.”

Mark Evans, City Development Manager at Southampton City Council said, “We highly value Mott MacDonald’s work on Guildhall Square. Their comprehensive work was very efficient and delivered value for money on the project.”

Guildhall Square was finished in September 2010 and launched with a spectacular event on November 12-13 attracting more than 15,000 people.

Guildhall Square is part of Southampton’s emerging cultural quarter, which amongst other facilities consists of a new arts complex and the Sea City Museum.

The cultural quarter is a key part of Southampton City Council’s wider plans for the regeneration and economic development of the city. The investment in the cultural quarter is expected to bring in more than 2000 direct jobs and an additional £21 million of visitor spend each year.


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