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Asset management

Helping infrastructure owners and operators achieve their strategic objectives by adding long-term value and optimising performance, to benefit their customers and their balance sheets – that’s what drives our approach to asset management.

Across the nuclear, transport, buildings, water and utilities sectors we help asset owners and operators develop and implement strategic asset management plans that deliver efficiency, value for money and investment return.

We aim to help you develop planned strategic investment and maintenance so that your assets are always in an appropriate condition and operate to the highest efficiency standards as well as the most cost-effective performance regime.

WAsset Management Endorsed Assessore do this by combining our skills in infrastructure planning, design, rehabilitation and maintenance with our global experience in project management, partnering, supervising, funding and finance. We understand how important people and processes are to efficient asset management and provide support for change initiatives and training or coaching.

Policy and strategy

We help you achieve your strategic targets by:

  • Establishing the key technical, behavioural and organisation factors affecting delivery
  • Identifying critical asset integrity, performance, degradation, sustainability and public/political perception factors
  • Specifying appropriate systems to harness condition data, achieve appropriate assessment accuracy and consistency and incorporate risk appraisal in line with performance objectives
  • Establishing prioritised intervention plans, based on condition vulnerability and risk of service failure

With the aid of gap analysis and external and internal facing assessments and stakeholder consultation, we offer advice in a collaborative environment to support a PAS 55 improvement plan in any sector. We also offer support in approaching PAS 55 accreditation, taking account of developing requirements for ISO 55000 as an international standard for asset management.

We’re ideally equipped to help you meet regulatory demands thanks to our advisory work with regulators:

  • Economic regulatory agencies – helping new agencies develop the regulatory regime and build capacity; supporting long established agencies carry out their functions and advising on regulatory change
  • Transport regulators – reviewing forecast and potential traffic growth; advising on pricing and economic regulatory models
  • Drinking water quality regulatory agencies – reviewing water quality sampling and analysis requirements; advising on reporting and audit regimes; developing risk-based water safety plan approaches and requirements for dealing with incidents and emergencies.


When funding routes are under pressure, asset refurbishment and replacement decisions are critical. We help you optimise and secure the required investment through:

  • Strategic review - Our experience of delivering projects at tactical and operational level and our long-term relationships with many of our clients enables us to understand your business drivers and vision and therefore provide advice and influence decisions at strategic business planning stage.
  • Investment programme optimisation – Our investment models help you determine the optimum investment to achieve target performance at least whole-life cost.
  • Asset management plans – Through our experience of working for all parties we can quickly develop fully optimised asset management plans designed to maintain steady state condition over the asset’s life.
  • Reliability modelling – Our bespoke service allows you to predict the impact of equipment failure on customer service and subsequently how interventions will improve service.
  • Deterioration modelling – Using our vast technical experience we can determine both design and functional life of all asset components and from that work out the most likely deterioration profile to fully optimise the asset management plan.
  • Lifecycle cost modelling – Our specialist construction economic services focus on the three main phases of a capital asset’s whole life, from conception of the business need, through construction to operation and decommissioning.
  • Carbon – Carbon reduction commitments and CO2 trading/tax make strategic asset management decisions considering whole-life cost performance imperative. Our LifeCYCLE tool can offer significant savings on project whole-life costs by considering an asset’s future performance at an early stage.

Procurement and organisational needs

To support you in implementing and operating effective asset management systems we offer best practice in procurement methods and consultancy – all designed to achieve value for money and delivery efficiencies:

  • Service and performance contracts – We develop these to suit the legal and contractual environment and then customise them to suit the institutional capacity of both the public sector and the contracting markets so you can meet your objectives at a service cost you can afford.
  • Organisational review – Through our experience in all aspects of managing assets for clients, we fully understand your organisational requirements in terms of corporate governance and operational efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Funding options selection – Our track record covers all procurement routes so we can advise lenders, insurers, developers, government, contractors, operators and the public sector on the best way forward.
  • Business case development – We structure a business case which sets out the economic and financial benefit of investing in an asset management regime to preserve the condition and value of assets over the long term.
  • Technical advisor – We are skilled in asset condition and performance evaluation, due diligence analysis for contract bidding and refinancing, and negotiation support in all sectors.

Asset information

We help you define the data needed to monitor and predict asset performance, degradation and costing as part of your asset management strategy. We prioritise data needs, formulate inspection regimes and techniques and recommend survey and audit frequency. These can be matched to establish risk profile, health and safety issues and the criticality of individual assets to overall service performance.

When it comes to capturing and interpreting data, we’re not only familiar with the industry standard systems in the various technical sectors where we operate, we’ve also created and helped implement bespoke systems for clients in the transport, utilities and buildings sectors. A key example is the cloud-based data management platform H2knOw-how which we’ve created for the capture, collation, interrogation, analysis and dissemination of real-time water related information.

We pride ourselves on our ability to develop tools to meet specific client needs – assessing risk and managing carbon footprint are just two examples. And we’re industry leaders in using and advancing building information modelling (BIM) – a co-ordinated set of processes, supported by technology, that add value through creating, managing and sharing the properties of an asset throughout its lifecycle.

Commercial edge

We help you manage risk to minimise impact on your bottom line. Our experts are skilled in identifying risk, prioritising action and advising on risk management solutions and improvement opportunities within the asset management framework.

We also add value by providing you with cost security. By outsourcing cost management services you can reduce costs and overheads and add a commercial edge to your market positioning. We contribute to:

  • Business driven capital investment programmes
  • Required asset performance at affordable cost and to schedule
  • Optimal whole-life costs
  • Project cost management strategy and contract procurement

In addition to cost comparisons we can also benchmark your asset management. Our unique approach supports PAS55 and other international standards and provides information on regulator perception, internal perception and actual strengths and weaknesses, and comparison against other operators.

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