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Cost intelligence

Our cost intelligence team benchmarks and publishes global construction cost and carbon data enabling you to make strategic decisions with confidence.

In their annual benchmarking report, IIPAG has highlighted two areas where the business should be commended as being in line with best practice - one of these was the development of a cost estimating book which will support the business in improving the value delivered by its infrastructure renewals.

Rail & Underground Commercial Director TfL

Conducting leading edge research in cost and economic modelling, we help you gain real value for money during the initial construction stage and throughout the operational life of your assets. Our committed construction economists have a renowned capability for producing reliable and consistently accurate data within every market sector of the construction industry, globally.

With extensive knowledge of the economics of the construction industry, and a strong global track record, we really are in the best position to provide reliable construction estimates for price fluctuations, tailored to suit the specific cost driver of construction projects. We can help you improve the efficiency, accuracy and performance of construction estimating, all while proving that you are getting the best value possible.

Our services

Indexation and inflation


With best practice methodologies and a reliable source of comprehensive cost data at our fingertips, we can show you how your organisation performs against others.

Benchmarking is acknowledged as an invaluable management tool for measuring performance. As comparison is the key to benchmarking, a wider choice of comparators brings more robust results.

There are a number of well-developed techniques used to benchmark performance, all of which share this three-stage approach:

  1. Planning – defining the process and data sources to be evaluated.
  2. Analysis – collecting and examining data to identify gaps and differences to pinpoint targets for improvement.
  3. Communication – informing the client and implementing lessons learned.

An integral component of benchmarking cost is defining key cost drivers which requires a combination of skills and access to reliable, comprehensive cost data. We regularly compile detailed benchmarking studies for many countries. A number of these benchmarking studies have been published in our series of Little Black Books.

International insight

With a global network of offices, our data collection and research arm can touch the remotest of locations, enabling us to provide you with detailed insight of construction costs, economics and practices. We have immediate, 'hands on' access to the latest information and undertake the collection and analysis of cost data from every region.

This comprehensive collection of cost data is regularly updated and benchmarked so that our project teams around the world are efficiently briefed on location-specific costs. Our data collection is not limited to construction costs; we also provide economic and environmental data and inflationary adjustments.

We’ve delivered techniques and methodologies to provide cost planning teams with specific location cost drivers – to translate costs from generic design solutions from one country to another and provide detailed audit trails for validation by stakeholders. Our activities have included supplying detailed advice and methodologies to a national government to establish and implement a country-wide indexation strategy.

Data management

Our approach to data management focuses on client needs. Applying best practice and innovation, we deliver ‘real’ value for money synergistically with your business.

Organisations with robust systems in place for the proper collection, analysis, storage and retrieval of data have a greater insight on their business than those that don’t. Knowledge management cannot be adequately addressed until this is under control.

We’ve developed methodologies and systems that capture company cost data and allows it to be analysed and stored in retrieval systems, ready to use at any time.

Often this process takes place in tandem, allowing clients to continue with normal business activities while we develop new data capability, which, when completed, is seamlessly integrated as the new information source in business activities.

We have leading expertise in the production of databases, many of which are published by leading construction publishers in Europe, Asia, Africa and America.

Our publications

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