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Human factors

Our specialist human factors skill set focuses on designing solutions for a wide range of people needs. Our expertise spans core ergonomic techniques as applied in control room design, to wayfinding in all its forms, through to psychology to deliver behavioural and organisational change programmes. We bring structured, evidence-based solutions to meet our clients’ challenges.

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Get in touch

We are more than happy to discuss any human factors issue or query you want support or advice on. Please just email human.factors@mottmac.com

As part of a large international organisation our human factors team has access to a wide range of technical expertise ranging from the core engineering disciplines to specialist expertise such as social researchers, environmental and waste management analysts and safety experts.

So whether you’re looking to optimise your current environment, planning an entirely new operating centre which depends upon efficient and effective human performance, considering the need for organisational change or improved user experience, we will take a unique rounded approach to your needs.

Application areas

  • Transport – heavy and light rail, road, marine and aviation
  • Power – oil, gas, energy plants and nuclear facilities
  • Retail – including shopping malls, airports, stadia
  • Public sector
  • Urban environments
  • Business and office premises

Our services

Our work is varied and we apply unique skills across many areas, including:

  • Behavioural insights – We understand the influencing factors on people’s behaviour, whether in an organisational setting or in society. Our experience covers designing and facilitating bespoke behavioural and organisational change programmes to meet client needs, such as the delivery of collaborative work environments or improved safety behaviours.
  • Design of new or the remodelling of the work environment – to deliver to client requirements, whether it’s reducing the cost of building space, accommodating organisational change, resource sharing, flexible working, improving wellbeing or optimising the performance of people.
  • Control room and workspace design – The physical environment we work in has a significant influence on our well-being and productivity. Through incorporating ergonomic, anthropometric and environmental design criteria and applying 3D modelling techniques, our team delivers workspaces and control rooms to fit the end user.
  • Human machine interface (HMI) design – As systems become more complex, our role in the design of HMIs becomes increasingly important. Our team takes a user-centered approach from concept design through to delivery of HMI design to promote efficiency, improve situational awareness and to reduce the likelihood of human error.
  • Workload and job design – We provide specialist skills in job design, applying tools and techniques to ensure work is allocated efficiently and effectively to create a balanced workload fostering optimal work performance, promoting safe operations and reducing the likelihood of error.
  • Wayfinding – We focus on human behaviours, navigation techniques and information processing methodologies combined with space syntax analysis to ensure people get the information they need, when they need it. We use specialist space optimisation techniques to ensure that people are fluid in their environment, ease congestion or reduce the risk of crowding. We work from master planning through to developed and technical design stages utilising a number of methodologies including specialist analysis techniques, knowledge of human behaviours and information processing to ensure the design is fit for use.
  • Crowding and evacuation management – Using a combination of skills including pedestrian modelling, behavioural psychology and visual analysis to understand how the environment influences decision making and human behaviours whether it’s a planned or emergency situation.
  • Human factors integration – By integrating human factors into the systems engineering and management processes we incorporate principles that deliver best practice methods over the life cycle of the project.
  • User experience – We focus on using innovative and established methodologies that provide a deep understanding of users and what they find useful, usable, desirable, accessible and trusted to deliver products and services that meet the needs of your customers.

Our team

Our team includes applied, behavioural and occupational psychologists, qualified ergonomists and safety-risk engineers. We are a registered consultancy of the UK Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors.

Our clients

We work across sectors, ranging from the public sector to power organisations and include BAA, Crossrail, E-ON, Heathrow Airport, Highways England, HS2 and Network Rail.

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