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Christine Skiing

Canada/ Digital delivery/ Project systems specialist

Christine Pimpao

"The best thing about my job, is that it doesn’t feel like a job."

What attracted you to apply for a role with us?

A greener pasture within the technology landscape is what attracted me. 10 years ago, I was working as the CAD/data manager on a large joint venture, with my employer at the time, and Mott MacDonald. The joint venture led a team of 12 engineering firms in the design of all onshore works for a highway improvement project in British Columbia, Canada. It was committed to using a BIM process for its work on this fast-track project, but it was the vision and motivation of Mott MacDonald’s project manager, and other Mott MacDonald leaders that gave me the support and encouragement to blossom into a data systems advocate. The struggles of standardization, change management, data organization, upskilling and consistency training were less daunting and onerous as these leaders were driving the technology advancements, and motivating everyone to realize a new technology norm. I was determined to be a part of this successful environment.

How did you find the recruitment process?

Smooth and efficient.

What are the three things that make you look forward to coming into work each day?

I look forward to doing what I love most: helping others become more effective and efficient within our everchanging technology environment. This includes new challenges and opportunities for supporting and advancing our digital progress. Following on from this, I look forward to collaborating on this rewarding work with a global network of knowledgeable, talented, and inspirational professionals.

What’s your team like?

I have worked with various global, regional, and local teams supporting projects and corporate initiatives through strategic leadership and technical guidance in digital technologies. This year, I am part of our digital transformation campaign team, undertaking a change management initiative dedicated to increasing our digital capabilities and competencies to ensure we remain competitive. The teams are formed of dynamic, fast paced, and trustworthy individuals all working towards the same goals, which makes work fun.

What’s the best thing about your job?

The best thing about my job, is that it doesn’t feel like a job, but more like an entrepreneurial/community endeavor. I have some autonomy to formulate and recommend strategies and approaches to our efforts, alongside collaborating with other team members to progress their ideas. We work together on the best solutions for the greater good. We ensure that our solutions are aligned with our business goals and objectives, and that they support the project team’s needs.

How has your career progressed since joining?

I started my journey as a civil technologist for the transportation practice. With a keen passion for order and consistency, I’ve managed the technology component of various large transportation projects. My large project start-up knowledge, combined with an ability to learn tools quickly and train others on these new tools, have opened opportunities for me to work with other like-minded, tech-savvy experts on corporate projects and initiatives. Further to this, I am completing a Bachelor of Technology Management, and have been able to apply and expand my management skills and attributes within this technical environment.

What makes us stand out from other companies?

The willingness to act on and invest efforts in corporate initiatives to ensure that our business is strong for the future.

What excites you most about digital technology?

The most exciting aspect is the learning, and applying these new skills to benefit others. Digital technology advancement requires cooperative learning, which is characterized by positive interdependence. This means that better performance of individuals produces better performance by the entire Group, and we can achieve more together.

Which digital tool could you not live without?

There are too many to list. The tool that is most effective for my current work is OneNote. It is great for notetaking, especially from scheduled meetings, and it’s easy to share with others. I also use it for early conceptual brainstorming. It keeps my to-do lists and notes all in one place.

Are you involved in charities or do any voluntary work?

I am a learning and development advocate. Therefore, I give back to our local technological learning institutions. For the past seven years, I have been giving lectures to students about technology, data, and information management. I also participate as a member of a local college Program Advisory Council and have done so for five years. This is made up of senior industry technologists and helps guide the direction of the course content to ensure it meets industry standards and needs. I also promote the value of professional registration to our local technologists, and I volunteer as a mentor for the Immigrant Employment Council.

If you could have lunch with any three people who would they be and why?

The first would be my mother, Alice Dias Pereira Pimpao, because she was my inspiration, and my world. She was free thinking, strong headed, creative and artistic. Her perseverance and resilience as an immigrant to Canada taught me the value of hard work.

The second would be Jose Saramago, one of my favorite writers. He is a Portuguese novelist and recipient of the 1998 Nobel Prize in Literature; being of Portuguese descent, and a romantic, I would want to discuss both his inspirations, and Portugal’s history, from his perspective.

The third would be David Suzuki. I grew up on the science TV series, “Suzuki on Science”, and “The Nature of Things”. I admire his passion and accomplishments, especially as the ‘ultimate’ educational activist.

Do you have a hidden talent?

I did a seven-year stint in Vancouver’s local film industry, as set designer and art director before becoming a civil technologist. As a pastime, and when I am not skiing, I create landscape scenes in graphite, color pencils, and water color.

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