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Los Angeles

Mott MacDonald’s Los Angeles office, located in the city’s financial district, has an extensive track record in the region.

We are deeply involved in major infrastructure projects to accommodate the rapidly expanding population.

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(Transportation Engineer)

With a population expected to exceed 11 million by 2035, Los Angeles faces the need to rejuvenate itself and provide innovative infrastructure solutions.

To make the city’s infrastructure goals achievable, Mott MacDonald has been retained to provide engineering, development, and management expertise. Read on to discover how our most significant projects showcase the range of engineering opportunities available in our Los Angeles office.

Engineering jobs in Los Angeles

Joining the Mott MacDonald team in Los Angeles will expose you to complex and ambitious civil engineering projects that require the best technical knowledge available in North America. Learn more about the type of projects you could be involved in below:

California High-Speed Rail

First proposed in the 1980s, the California High-Speed Rail system will include 800 miles of track and as many as 24 stations and will serve major cities including Sacramento, Stockton, San Francisco, San Jose, Fresno, Bakersfield, Palmdale, Los Angeles, Anaheim, Riverside, Irvine, and San Diego.

At Mott MacDonald, our team of skilled transportation planners provided project management, design, and environmental engineering services for California High-Speed Rail.

When completed, the high-speed rail system will allow residents to make the journey between San Francisco to Los Angeles in a third of the time it would take to drive. It is expected to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 12 billion pounds annually — resulting in cleaner air and less road congestion.

Modernizing Los Angeles International Airport

The $5 billion project to revitalize Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) consisted of three main components: the Bradley West Reconfiguration Program, the Crossfield Taxiway Project, and the Midfield Satellite Concourse.

Mott MacDonald was the lead engineer for the first two of these. Our Los Angeles team of civil engineers provided planning and engineering design services for the biggest public works project in the city’s history.

The upgrading of LAX gave the airport the ability to handle super-jumbo jets such as the Airbus A380 and the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. The upgrade also improved the safety and efficiency of aircraft movements on the ground, reducing aircraft emissions and alleviating congestion at existing taxiways.

LA Metro’s Regional Connector

The $1.4 billion Regional Connector extension will create an underground trunk line connecting the existing Metro Gold Line, Metro Blue Line, and Metro Exposition Line LRT systems through downtown Los Angeles.

Mott MacDonald was selected as the prime designer of this major project, which will service a combined 135 stations, improving rail connectivity and reducing congestion on the roads of Los Angeles.

Our Los Angeles team of transportation engineers, structural engineers, transportation planners, and CAD technicians is helping provide significant environmental benefits, economic development, and employment opportunities throughout Los Angeles County.

Civil engineering jobs in Los Angeles

Becoming a civil engineer and joining the Los Angeles team at Mott MacDonald will provide you with the opportunity to collaborate on some of the biggest and most challenging transportation and infrastructure projects in North America.

From revitalizing the largest airport in the US to designing underground smoke ventilation systems, Mott MacDonald provides civil engineers with the opportunity to contribute to exciting infrastructure and quality of life projects. Read on below to discover what type of civil engineering jobs are available at Mott MacDonald in Los Angeles.

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Transportation engineering and planner jobs in Los Angeles

At Mott MacDonald, we are part of the battle against the congestion, gridlock, and smog that the city is known for. We are creating new transportation solutions that will provide the 10 million people who live in Los Angeles with a better standard of living, including reduced carbon emissions and quicker transportation.

As a transportation planner in Los Angeles, you will need to have extensive knowledge of the region’s infrastructure and how technological advancements and innovative transportation systems can improve the lives of those who live in the city.

Interested in joining Mott MacDonald as a transportation engineer or a transportation planner? In that case, you can expect to be involved in the planning, design, construction, and maintenance stages of our leading infrastructure projects.

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Structural engineering jobs in Los Angeles

Ensuring our projects are resilient and built to last is a top priority for our teams. It is more vital than ever that our projects can withstand the pressures of factors such as repetitive use, seismic activity, and weathering.

Along with highway, rail, and aviation projects, there are opportunities to be involved in marine structural engineering projects at the harbors, marinas, and coastal structures in and around the city.

As a structural engineer in Los Angeles, you will play an invaluable role as you collaborate with various teams at Mott MacDonald. You could help shape final design plans for our projects by examining existing safety, environmental, technical, and economic factors, and forecasting and planning for the challenges of the future. You will be involved in projects that require collaboration with project managers, bridge engineers, tunnel engineers, electrical engineers, geotechnical engineers, and transportation engineers.

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