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What types of digital projects are there?​

Digital technology shapes our lives. From how we work and play, to the landscapes we create and even how we stay connected.

For those pursuing digital careers, there are exciting opportunities to get under the surface of the virtual systems we encounter every day to transform how they impact us tomorrow.

Transform the future by delivering digital solutions around the world.

The digital projects you deliver represent a big part of how people see you and the impact that you make during your career. Therefore, it's vital with prospective digital jobs to consider what types of projects the role will bring you, whether you're just starting in your career as a graduate or are a seasoned professional. Whether a digital project is suitable for you depends on what motivates you personally and how it aligns with your areas of expertise, interests, opportunities to innovate, level of ambition, and personal values.

What types of digital projects are there?

  • Platform and app development

Create digital pathways for users by building new tools and products and determining how they look and perform.

  • Data analysis and visualisation

Bring vital insight to decision-makers through collecting, communicating, and storing billions of real-time data points.

  • Process transformation

Show organisations how digital automation and computer-aided tools could revolutionise the efficiency and resilience of what they do.

  • Quality assurance and testing

Safeguard users against unreliable or inconvenient processes by ensuring the smooth running of their most vital digital systems and tools.

  • Asset management

Put in place intelligent systems to safeguard an organisation's digital assets and make assets easier to manage and secure.

  • Hardware and infrastructure

From robotics to server memory, you could use your understanding of both software and the physical structures themselves to transform the technology available to users.

Digital projects at Mott MacDonald

We have industry-leading digital services in areas such as smart infrastructure and augmented delivery. Through the digital projects we deliver, we help governments, businesses, and private organisations worldwide to see the unseen, act with conviction, and impact progress. Our digital projects are grouped into two categories, information advisory and digital platform and implementation.

With a digital career at Mott MacDonald, you are likely to not exclusively be involved in just digital projects, but instead be an integral part of cross-disciplinary expertise in wider projects. This is because digital technology is deeply integrated into each of our projects across sectors such as cities, transport, environment, energy, water and wastewater, international development and education.

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Information advisory projects

When you work in digital on advisory projects at Mott MacDonald, you empower clients to beat business challenges or better serve their communities by sharing your expertise. Typical projects may involve advising clients on topics such as digital strategy, operating models, digital skills and capabilities and technology roadmaps.

As a digital consultant, you'll bring previous expertise in overcoming obstacles with digital solutions across various sectors to guide clients through revolutionary digital transformation and information management.

Our current work with the Leeds Teaching Hospital NHS Trust is a great example of an advisory project:

Leeds Teaching Hospital NHS Trust

The Leeds Teaching Hospital NHS Trust (LTHT) is looking to represent the future of healthcare and innovation with a new hospital and pathology unit being created in the city's heart.

Our information advisory team have acted as digital and innovation healthcare advisors to drive the digital agenda and keep innovation at the heart of the new facilities being designed. Together with the client, they're creating a robust unified systems solution that will promote innovative new technology applications and personalised patient care that gets people back home quicker.

Digital platform and implementation

You can bring your digital skills in software development, computer science, and analytics to reimagine how humans and machines work together with our digital platform and implementation projects. These typically cover app and platform development, data analysis and visualisation, asset management, and quality assurance and testing.

We have opportunities for software developers and data engineers to create products that allow users to effortlessly harness data intelligence's power like never before and drive digital solutions for society's biggest challenges.

Our digital platform and implementation projects include the following:

Tackling road safety on the A303

When Highways England planned a dual-lane extension to a three-mile section of the A303 responsible for congestion and numerous accidents, Mott MacDonald provided a single central data repository for all project information. Our Moata Geospatial and Moata Land Management data collaboration web portals powered this project, bringing together GIS data, site photos, designs, CAD models, and more with the environmental constraints and land boundaries of the surrounding environment. Being web-browser based, it was accessible anywhere, even for those on site.

This piece of work resulted in a more efficient and collaborative project flow that's saved up to £110,000 during the design stage and has had a 20% increase in efficiency for the survey process.

A Smart water solution through digital twins

Mott MacDonald Bentley was responsible for designing, building, and commissioning a £37 million sludge treatment plant at Five Fords, near Wrexham, Wales. To mitigate risk and shorten the programme, we created a digital twin of the future plant design informed by real-time data points and environmental dynamics.

This was made possible by our Moata platform which is capable of processing billions of data points each day. This was then integrated with industry-leading wastewater simulation software that provided accurate modelling of how the plant would operate. With a full digital twin of the design, the team could test in advance how the design would perform over time and identified opportunities to optimise operational performance, reduce chemical waste and cut energy consumption.

A considerable advantage of a digital career is that with technology running through every market imaginable, there are an incredible variety of in-demand job opportunities for you to pursue.

These opportunities give you the chance to guide your digital career down the pathway that most appeals to you – whether that's working on the biggest and most influential digital projects in your industry, working with innovative technology that disrupts the status quo, or on transformative projects where you're proud to make a difference to areas such as healthcare or environmental protection.

At Mott MacDonald, our industry-leading digital approach means that we bring digital careers to life by providing opportunities in everything from intelligent infrastructure to big data analytics. Looking for a meaningful digital career that could see you leave your mark on the projects that matter to you? Explore our current digital job opportunities today.

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