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Why work in engineering with a tech degree

Do you have a tech degree in an area such as information technology management, software engineering, web development, programming, computer science or telecommunications?

One of the great benefits of a tech degree is that in a digitally-enabled world, there is a strong demand for your skills across a broad range of industries.

Engineering projects need those that understand the latest technology trends.

For some people, corporate, administrative or commercial roles won’t be enough, and they may want to do something more innovative and impactful with a tech degree. For those who want to make an impact and see meaningful results, we would advise applying your tech degree to engineering.

With a career in engineering technology, you know that your digital skills are transforming the experiences of people and communities. There are many things you can make happen such as, influencing decision-makers with complex models of how their cities will grow, and creating geospatial data platforms that will speed up the creation of new bridges, tunnels and structures.

From smart infrastructure and augmented delivery projects that transform the cities of tomorrow, to creating digital replicas of multi-million pound infrastructure plans, starting with an engineering technology career with your tech degree could see you exposed to a range of opportunities to make a difference in a continually evolving industry.

Some examples of entry-level tech jobs in engineering may include:

• CAD designer
• BIM technician
• Data analyst
• GIS analyst
• Software developer
• Digital project lead

Are you interested in working to change lives through technology? As an engineering, development and consultancy business, Mott MacDonald could be a great place to start your career. We use technology to improve society by focusing on social outcomes, striving for excellence and digital innovation and transforming our clients’ businesses, our communities and employee opportunities.

This article looks at how technology-related careers make a difference in the engineering industry and how you can benefit from stand-out projects. Read on below to understand why your tech degree could create real success for you at Mott MacDonald and in the wider engineering industry.

Why the engineering sector welcomes tech graduates

Engineering transforms concepts into physical structures that can impact our experience of the world. Digital technology then brings critical data to every stage of this process. This makes the infrastructure and initiatives we create quicker to implement and of greater benefit to the environments and communities they affect.

Here are some examples:

  • Planning

During the planning stages, our technologists shape decisions by gathering and presenting data to the project’s key stakeholders. This helps the people in charge understand the issues that the project is addressing and ensure that budgets, worth potentially billions of pounds, will be used efficiently.

  • Design

Digital technology helps to create a smoother and quicker design process, with more detailed visualisation and testing than ever before with Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Computer-Aided Design (CAD) tools. With CAD tools, engineers can quickly create designs as if they were in the real environment through the integration of real-time GIS data and automation. Simulated models from BIM offer engineers a glimpse of the future and how different structures will be impacted by the local environment and users decades later.

  • Construction

Our digital teams create platforms that bring everything into one place. Having a range of information from designs and virtual asset simulations to real-time environmental updates and construction progress visible to teams, stakeholders, and even third-party suppliers, creates vital transparency and effective project management.

  • Post-completion

When a project is completed, people such as our analysts gather data points. They prove to stakeholders and the wider public how projects have made a difference to people, services and environments.

Read on to discover more about the kind of industry-leading digital projects that you could be involved with through a tech career at Mott MacDonald.

How we’re putting technology at the heart of our projects

Digital is imperative in all that we do. We combine digital thinking and technology with our specialist expertise that extends across infrastructure, education, health, economic and social development to help transform lives and livelihoods. As you create social change in a career in tech with Mott MacDonald, you’ll have the opportunity to do so through both specialised digital projects and bringing digital insight to cross-disciplinary projects.

Read on for examples of digital technology being at the heart of leading projects:

Ordsall Chord, UK
Mott MacDonald goes further in our use of BIM and CAD tools to ensure that projects are frequently assessed and evaluated throughout the asset lifecycle, from early-stage design to maintenance and ongoing support. The award-winning Northern Hub Ordsall Chord project, for example, far exceeded the client’s level 2 BIM requirements and resulted in the creation of the world’s first asymmetrical network arch bridge in the world, made possible through modelling and analysis in 3D.

This project required us to embed the steel bridge fabricator’s modelling team members into our design project team, allowing the creation of an accurate and extensive model that improved the efficiency of all stakeholders. The 3D design tools allowed for lower operational costs in key areas and the project won six different awards for innovation and digital implementation.

Apollo project collaboration platform
One of Europe’s biggest rail projects, HS2, requires collaboration from a large, multidiscipline project team across a vast area of the UK. To overcome these challenges, we created the Apollo project collaboration platform. This is a high-capacity cloud-based platform that easily allows people to share designs and project information. It made essential data available to 500 users without extensive training or additional software, and many reported that it was much easier to use than their previous BIM and CAD experiences.

It’s since been used by over 2500 users from more than 80 organisations and has reduced time and costs across several large-scale building and infrastructure projects.

Discover Mott MacDonald’s range of Engineering jobs here.

What engineering jobs can you get with a tech degree?

Digital design jobs
As a digital designer at Mott MacDonald, you will use your knowledge of digital systems and digital design skills to bring innovative project ideas to life across a range of sectors. You will be involved in the design of projects with the support of BIM and CAD tools to provide a visual representation of the aesthetics, materials and simulation of the project’s lifecycle to all relevant stakeholders.

Through the use of cutting-edge CAD and BIM programmes, you will create designs in 2D and 3D to support other teams to provide data-driven solutions with any design problems that may arise, ultimately leading to the successful completion of our projects.

Examples of digital design jobs include:

  • Design engineer jobs
  • BIM designer jobs
  • CAD engineer jobs
  • CAD technician

Discover more of Mott MacDonald’s digital design jobs here.

Digital analytics jobs

If you’ve got a tech degree and a systematic approach to problem-solving, then you could demonstrate to people the true value of information with vital data that transforms outcomes. As a data analyst, you’ll develop and use skills in languages such as SQL, Python, VBA or C# to create visualisations of data, develop and optimise powerful algorithms, and work with big data sets to identify trends and patterns.

Examples of digital analyst jobs include:

  • Test analyst
  • Engineering data analyst
  • IT Analyst
  • GIS Analyst

Discover more of Mott MacDonald’s digital analytics jobs here.

Digital delivery jobs

When you bring great communication skills alongside your degree, then you could support our digital consultancy service and advocate the role of ground-breaking digital technology both inside our business and externally. You’ll find the best new ways to support information delivery and work with project teams to grow their confidence and skills while working more efficiently.

Examples of digital delivery jobs include:

  • Assistant digital practitioner
  • Digital consultant
  • Digital lead
  • Digital advisory lead

Discover more of Mott MacDonald’s digital delivery jobs here.

Graduate opportunities and other roles

If you have recently graduated and are looking to make the most of your new tech degree, we encourage you to look at the apprenticeship and graduate schemes on offer. With a chance to evolve as technology evolves, you could take the first step in your exciting engineering career with us here at Mott MacDonald.

Find out more about early careers at Mott MacDonald here.

Ready to find a fulfilling career at Mott MacDonald? Explore our range of engineering roles and apply now.

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