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Improving social outcomes
We know from experience that inclusive projects deliver the best results for everyone. That's why social outcomes – accessibility, inclusion, empowerment, resilience and wellbeing – are at the heart of our purpose.
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Working towards a more resilient society
With our clients, we’re focused on combating the causes and effects of climate change, managing the coronavirus pandemic, seizing opportunities in digital transformation, and creating and caring for the infrastructure that society depends on.
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Delivering on our purpose

We’re a global engineering, management, and development firm.

Our purpose is to improve society by considering social outcomes in everything we do, relentlessly focusing on excellence and digital innovation, transforming our clients’ businesses, our communities, and employee opportunities.

This is how.

The bedrock of our enduring relationships is the quality of our delivery. We will continue to inspire our staff by honoring professional excellence, and to apply an agile working model based on client service, positive social outcomes, business need, and staff well-being.Mike Isola
President and CEO

What you can expect from us


We drive change and use it to create opportunity.

We aim to make a lasting positive difference for present and future generations.

We actively develop ourselves as individuals and professionals.


We always care about the human and environmental impact of what we do.

We value all peoples and cultures, and promote equality, diversity, and inclusion.

We treat everyone with respect.


We deliver on our promises.

We behave ethically and do not tolerate bribery or corruption.

We uphold safety, security, and well-being as a fundamental right of all.


We constantly stretch our thinking to find extra value for our clients and their end users.

We work as one Mott MacDonald, connecting all our skills to create the best outcomes.

We stay focused and persevere to achieve our goals.


We act on our belief that there is always a better way.

We use our restless curiosity and leading-edge skills to challenge and innovate.

We connect our people and experience to turn opportunity into the best outcomes for all.

Everywhere around the world, people’s needs and aspirations are changing fast. That brings increasing challenge for you, our clients, as you seek to satisfy your stakeholders, tackle societal issues, and deliver your business strategy.

Our global network of experts looks at problems from fresh angles and finds opportunities in complexity. They bring together diverse skills, experience, and insight, to turn obstacles into elegant, sustainable solutions.

Our aim: to add value at every stage, for you and the lives you touch every day.

We’re very aware of the lasting and potentially far-reaching impacts of the work we do. So we set out to identify, highlight, and address ripple effects, eliminating negative ones and pursuing the positive.

As a matter of principle, nobody should be disadvantaged. And we know from experience that inclusive projects deliver the best results for everyone, our clients too. That is why social outcomes — accessibility, inclusion, empowerment, resilience, and well-being — are at the heart of our purpose.

To maximize benefit for all and protect against harm, we keep alert to connections, dependencies, and influences between the projects we’re helping deliver and the world around them: infrastructure, services, the natural environment, businesses, and people.

This is where digital innovation comes to the fore. In harness with our colleagues’ deep subject knowledge and technical excellence, our digital skill set helps us, our clients, and our partners to address old challenges better and solve new ones — seeing problems and possibilities more clearly, and being more agile, efficient, and effective.

Our clients say we’re at our best when we collaborate in trust-based relationships to define and solve challenges, establish the steps for meeting their strategic ambitions, and provide the skills to help fund, plan, design, deliver, and sustain their goals.

Improvement is front and center of what we offer as we work with you towards a more inclusive and resilient society — a society that allows people to live well in a healthy environment, enabled by economic development, vibrant businesses, and a fair return on investment.

Advice that adds advantage

Projects to improve health, education, and life chances, and to recover from natural disasters such as earthquakes and flooding, are all in our portfolio and always will be. But the potential for contributing to better social outcomes extends far wider.

With you, we’re focused on combating the causes and effects of climate change, managing the coronavirus pandemic, seizing opportunities in digital transformation, and creating and caring for the infrastructure that society depends on.

Our people have taken lead roles in the world’s highest-profile infrastructure and development projects. Working with us, you have access to the vast knowledge of internationally recognized engineers, project and program managers, environmentalists, planners, economists, data scientists, app developers, modelers, social scientists, project finance advisors, and more.

On one hand you get the advantages of size and stability that come from a $2 billion organization. There are 16,000 of us, delivering projects in Africa, Asia Pacific and Australasia, Europe, the Middle East, North and South America, and South Asia. On the other hand, you’ll get the kind of openness, friendliness, and personal commitment you might expect from a much smaller business.

Our universe of creative thinkers is centered around you. We’re joined-up across sectors and geographies, meaning that whatever your needs and wherever you are in the world, we will align the right combination of subject and digital expertise to creatively and efficiently meet your ambitions.

Doing what is right

We’re the largest wholly employee-owned firm of our kind. There are no external shareholder priorities to influence our decision making. That means we can choose the work we take on and focus on the issues that are important to you — and us.

Being independent in thought and action, we’ll advise what is genuinely right for your business. You’ll get the very best from us because we want to do a great job — the right job.

We insist on the highest standards of integrity in all we do. We were the first consulting firm to be certified to BS 10500, now ISO 37001, the international anti-bribery management standard. This assurance of fairness, openness, and honesty applies to all our employees, subconsultants, and suppliers everywhere we work. The result is that we are trusted and respected for our integrity and the high quality of everything we do.

We employ the people everyone else wants to know.

Our people stay with us because they have a stake in the company. We have a retention rate of over 90% for senior staff. So if you like working with someone, it’s likely they will be with us for your next job, and the one after that.

Stronger retention gives depth of experience, skills, and knowledge. Our ownership model also empowers us to invest in all the core ingredients of excellence: excellent people, supported by industry-leading systems and technology. Professional networks, regular "excellence weeks," and webinars drive learning, fresh ideas, and digital innovation throughout the company.

Digitalization has dissolved physical boundaries, enabling us to create networks and virtual teams worldwide that are as close-knit and effective as the best physically co-located ones. These enable our global sector and practice leaders to provide expertise, share knowledge, spread best practices, collaborate, problem-solve, and communicate — with the aim of bringing you and all project stakeholders greater benefits, sooner.

When you work with us anywhere in the world, you have instant access to our entire network of brilliant people.

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