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Worldwide, we provide strategic, operational and technical expertise to strengthen health systems and infrastructure. Our innovative advice, management and on-the-ground delivery energises and equips clients, partners and programmes to improve quality of life and increases universal access to effective health care.

From fine-tuning sophisticated organisations to establishing and maintaining efficient operations in challenging environments, our specialist services and leading experts advance policy, planning, financing, service delivery, governance and institutional development.

What we do

We work with governments and health care providers to improve operational efficiencies, realise savings, uphold workforce standards and preserve front-line services, to achieve better patient outcomes.

Across the globe, we combine international best practice, understanding of cultural context and close collaboration with partners, clients and donors to guide progress towards a healthier world, both present and future.

Added value

Health procurement

We’re involved in pioneering programmes in Turkey, which aims to procure 30 health care centres using private finance, and in Canada, where four major hospitals will be commissioned through public-private partnerships.

Supporting the Government of Pakistan to improve the health sector

We manage the DFID Technical Resource Facility (TRF), which provides technical assistance to the health sector in Pakistan with a focus on maternal, newborn and child health. Assignments have included a review of the national community midwife training programme and a cost benefit analysis of mobile health units in the Punjab – the results of which saved the provincial government 2.5 billion rupees.

Digital image sharing saves 38% cost

In supporting the procurement of a single service that allows digital clinical images to be shared across NHS Wales, we led all commercial and contractual negotiations on behalf of our client. Our specialist clinical financial modelling support was critical in securing value for money. The Picture Archiving and Communications Solution (PACS) delivered £16 million in savings, representing a 38% reduction in current spend.

20-fold acceleration in ability to find people with TB

The results of the first wave of TB REACH grants found that the programme had helped over 18,000 additional people to be treated for TB. We have carried out monitoring and evaluation of the project since it was launched in 2010.

Training for over 2,000 caregivers in South Africa

The Thogomelo project aims to care for and protect vulnerable children by providing psychosocial support for their caregivers and promoting caring organisational environments to foster their wellbeing.

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