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Our innovations on Singapore’s Marina Coastal Expressway have enabled faster, more efficient construction while meeting the state’s famously tough safety requirements. We worked closely with two contractors to review conventional construction methods and develop more efficient alternatives that have enabled nearly 3km of tunnel to be delivered safely, with cost and time savings. Frontal view of the bridge San Francisco Bay Bridge Aerial photo of the highway View of the bridge at sunset

Highways and bridges

Highways and bridges are some of the most important infrastructure when it comes to connecting everyone to the world around us. These are just a few of the ways we help to realise them.

Our top leadership constantly engaged with you on policy formulation and institutional development, to which you have contributed immensely.

Ministry of Transport, Infrastructure, Housing and Urban Development (MoTIHUD), Kenya

Our track record in bridge engineering spans over a century. During this time we contributed to numerous Thames crossings in London, the Tyne Bridge in 1928, then the longest steel arch in Britain, and major suspension bridges in the 1960s such as Tamar, Forth and Severn. Today we're involved in projects on every continent.

A road is much more than just a road.

It’s the flow of knowledge and ideas, access to education, industry and trade.

It’s a family reunion, friendships forged and love kindled, hellos and goodbyes.

It’s a lovely day out, a life-saving hospital dash, day one of a job.

It’s the start of a new chapter.

We’re using the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to find extra opportunities – to maximise the benefits of the projects we work on. Because we know that a road is much, much more. For us, it’s about planning today’s projects for tomorrow.

How we can help you create a better transport future

1. Forward-looking solutions

With innovative, value engineered and robust solutions, making best use of emerging technology, you gain smoother running, enhanced capacity, journey time reliability, improved safety and greater customer satisfaction.

2. Better insight, better decision making

By gathering data and transforming it into information, we help you to advise travellers on their journey plans, keep operators informed so they can make strategic network management decisions, and help emergency services to plan for and respond to incidents.

3. Smarter solutions, better collaboration

By using BIM and CDE from project planning through delivery to commissioning and into operation, we promote collaboration with you and all parts of the supply chain. This leads to designs better matched to operators’ and road users’ needs; right first time construction with less waste; better management of risk; and accurate hand on of planning, design and construction data to enhance operation and management.

4. Reduced whole-life cost and carbon

By cutting construction carbon, you can save cost. We were lead author of the UK government’s Infrastructure Carbon Review, which found a clear link between carbon reduction and cost saving, and we have been advancing solutions that drive efficiency in project delivery and operation. Our designs and advice are informed by the industry’s leading analysis and modelling tools and its most comprehensive carbon data, showing where and to what extent greater value for money can be achieved.

5. Safer smoother traffic flow

By deploying industry leading highway management and control systems (many developed in-house) you can cut congestion and in turn improve driver safety and journey time reliability, reduce air pollution and optimise use of existing infrastructure.

6. More bankable projects

With our deep technical understanding of the sectors we’re working in plus world-leading infrastructure finance capability (we’ve topped Infrastructure Journal’s technical advisor league table for the last eight years), you get tailored project finance and procurement solutions that minimise technical and commercial risk, and maximise return on investment.

7. Less waste, more value

Using management consultancy expertise and in-depth technical knowledge we can work with top tier suppliers to implement Lean efficiency processes, identifying which activities result in waste, and which add value. We’ll guide you through cultural and management change, onto a course of continuing improvement.

8. Faster, better value construction

Using design for manufacture and assembly, we’ll help you to produce modular assets that achieve higher build quality than is possible on site, creating the finished asset in less time, with fewer workers, and using safer onsite processes.

9. Better asset intelligence

By installing sensors to monitor infrastructure performance and condition and using customer data to gain insight into asset use we’ll help you manage your assets more strategically. Benefits range from self-diagnostic and reporting assets that highlight when preventative maintenance is required, to the identification of underlying causes of congestion, pinpointing where asset enhancement is needed.

10. Positive, safe and sustainable impacts

We’ll help you to identify and mitigate environmental and social risks before they impact on project cost and schedule. Differentiating between project-related impacts and those that would occur anyway, we’ll help you spot potential environmental and social benefits that strengthen the case for a project, and can guide planning and design.

Our commitment to providing best value for our clients is driven through a culture of innovation, safety, research and development. We constantly improve what we do and how we do it, as we actively develop and tailor solutions to meet client needs.

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