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Entrance to airport terminal Building next to oil silo Metro train on elevated track Rubber chemical facility


For over 45 years Mott MacDonald has been at the forefront of management, engineering and development consultancy in India. With over 1000 staff, we're working on a range of projects in the transport, water, industry, buildings, energy, environment, health, education, communications and institutional development sectors.


We are helping shape much of India’s transport infrastructure from airports and metros to ports and transport planning. We have been providing comprehensive multidisciplinary planning and design engineering on the high profile Delhi Metro project for over a decade. On the strength of our work in Delhi we are designing and supervising construction of new metros in Bangalore, Chennai, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Jaipur and Kolkata and acting as safety advisor on Mumbai Metro.

For Indira Gandhi International Airport at Delhi we provided design and master planning for a new runway and terminal building - completed in just 50 months. Following this we designed an 80m tall reinforced soil wall, the world’s highest, to enable construction of Payong Airport at Sikkim in the Himalayas.

As programme manager for the Indian Ministry of Urban Development’s Sustainable Urban Transportation Project, we are working to change travelling behaviour and temper the rise of private transport. Meanwhile in the ports sector, we provided detailed design, tender and contract documents, project management for the coal berth development at Vishakhapatnam port.


Our clients include some of the world’s largest corporations including Glenmark, AstraZeneca, Bunge, Lanxess and Shell. Projects on which we’re providing engineering and project management span the pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, textiles, chemicals, rubber, metals, food, automotive and petrochemicals sectors. We are contributing solutions that save energy and resources and reduce waste.

For a major rubber chemicals facility in Gujarat we were designer for the new facility which reused several items of high value equipment from a previous site in Mumbai. We identified more items to reuse than originally planned, saving INR45 million.


The government’s RMSA programme aims to enhance access to secondary education and improve its quality, which will impact 100 million children. Our education specialists are helping to accelerate the programme in the most needy states and for the most disadvantaged children. This work follows on from our support to the Indian government to identify strengths and weaknesses in the primary school system. We trained staff from the National Council of Educational Research and Training and state institutions to use internationally recognised assessment techniques and advanced evaluation methodologies.

Working with the Indian government, our education experts are identifying strengths and weaknesses in the school system to improve education for 200 million children. We're training staff from the National Council of Educational Research and Training and state institutions to use globally-recognised assessment techniques and evaluation methodologies. This is the first time these methods are being used in India.

We are also managing a four-and-a-half year project to improve the quality and relevance of training provision and increase skilled labour in India. By developing a national qualifications framework and enhancing the labour market analysis processes, India will be better able to predict future skills requirements and make 500 million people employable and productive by 2020.

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On the strength of our work on Delhi Metro we are now working on metro systems in Bangalore, Chennai, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Jaipur and Kolkata and Mumbai.

Water and environment

We’re tackling the water and sanitation needs of Mumbai. We’ve reviewed the city’s existing sewerage infrastructure and designed a major upgrade including a network of new connections, treatment works and a 10km long collector sewer. We’ve designed the system to drain under gravity, removing the need for immediate pumping and delivering major cost, land take and environmental savings.

We are also working on sewerage projects in the state of Gujarat, helping to reduce contamination of groundwater, water supply pipelines and coastal waters. We are project manager and design consultant for a sustainable coastal protection project in Karnataka. The programme will address immediate coastal protection needs as well as support the regeneration of natural defences.

Water treatment plant
Mumbai IV water supply, India
Mumbai IV water supply, India We are designing and managing delivery of this project which will increase water supply by 455 million litres/day or 15%. The capacity has been future proofed to handle 900 million litres/day.


We have been involved in a number of building projects in India, providing services including design, project management, construction management and lenders’ engineer support. Our track record includes Lanco high rise residential tower and Ramky residential and commercial complex in Hyderabad, and Boomerang commercial complex in Mumbai.

Industrial buildings include the Nicholas Pharma Plant in Baddi and an oil and gas terminal administration building in Vizag – built to meet LEED standards – an internationally recognised benchmark for the design, construction and operation of green buildings.

Pharmaceutical factory building
Nicholas Piramal pharmaceutical plant, Baddi, India
Nicholas Piramal pharmaceutical plant, Baddi, India We were appointed as engineering consultant for the construction of two new manufacturing blocks, which produce 5.2 million units per year.