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Our infrastructure expertise will boost your mining operations.

Talk to us about how we can help you develop low cost, sustainable and resilient infrastructure solutions for your mining assets.

Whether developing a new mining prospect, optimising existing operations, or planning for closure, there are always ways to reduce cost and save time through innovation, efficient design or by streamlining the delivery process. Our infrastructure, project management, environment and social specialists can help your mining team make the right choices.


As existing mining operations come to the end of their lifecycle, new prospects need to be developed. Increasingly, these are in remote locations far from existing sources of power.

Working across the power sector, we have the expertise to assess the best options for your mining operation, whether it’s importing power from existing networks or onsite power generation using fossil fuels, hydro, wind or solar or hybrid solutions.

And talk to us about your existing operations. Even where power generation is sufficient, there are always ways to reduce costs through more efficient systems or by increasing the use of renewables.

Key services:

• Fossil fuel power generation
• Hydropower
• Wind
• Solar
• Biomass
• Geothermal
• Transmission
• Distribution
• Substations


When it comes to exporting minerals to market, our insight will help you chose the right solution.

With over 100 years’ experience in the transport sector, we know that efficient logistics depends on an integrated design of the entire mineral transport corridor. Our team covers all aspects of heavy haul rail planning from concept design through to commissioning and operation.

We can also offer full engineering services on all roads and civil infrastructure to facilitate good movement of people, equipment and consumables to and from the site, while our ports infrastructure expertise completes the journey, offering you a one-stop shop for all your transport needs.

Key services:

• Heavy haul rail
• Roads
• Bridges
• Tunnels
• Maritime and ports


Water management can be a sizeable element of mining projects. In many cases an estimated 3cu m-10cu m of water is needed to extract each tonne of mineral concentrates from host ores. Processes such as froth flotation and leaching generate large volumes of wastewater that may need treatment before being recycled or released into the environment. Added to this are all the water and wastewater needs of mining staff working on site.

We have the expertise needed to assess surface and ground water resources, and develop sustainable management strategies for waste water treatment and recycling. With decades of experience working in arid regions we are well placed to offer solutions where water is a scarce resource.

The water sector has also been at the forefront of design for manufacture and assembly (DfMA), which uses prefabricated elements to cut costs by reducing material waste and construction times, while improving onsite safety.

Key services:

• Ground and surface water modelling
• Flood risk management
• Desalination
• Water reticulation
• Wastewater treatment
• Dams and reservoirs


When high value mineral deposits are discovered at depth, the only realistic option is to go underground to exploit the resource. We have the geotechnical capability to assess ground conditions and to design and supervise construction of mine access tunnels, both for the movement of site employees and for the removal of ore and waste. We’ve pioneered new techniques to minimise waste in spray concrete lined (SCL) tunnels.

We can bring this expertise and new thinking to make your tunnels cost-effective, resilient and safe for their entire lifecycle.

Key services:

• Hard and soft rock tunnelling
• Ground water modelling
• Geotechnical investigations
• Ventilation
• Inspection of existing tunnels
• Design of irregular shape cavities
• Sprayed concrete lining

Environmental services

Raise asset resilience
Reduce the risk of legal action, bad press or a mine being closed due to unexpected damage. Our environment team can help you identify the impact your mine may have on the environment and how to minimise this impact.

Improve access
Governments award operating licences to companies with good track records on mitigating environmental impact.

Attract funding
Investors actively look for low-risk opportunities and most now align themselves with the Equator Principles, the UN’s Principles for Sustainable Investment, or other best practice frameworks which encourage protection of the environment.

Reputational benefits
Investing to reduce impact on the environment will raise the standing of your company, both locally and internationally.

Key services:

• Environmental impact assessment
• Air and water quality
• Waste management
• Noise and vibration
• Landscape and urban design
• Ecology and biodiversity

Project management

The success of any project depends on the effective collaboration of all stakeholders to ensure a smooth delivery process. Our project management teams have the breadth and depth of skills necessary to deliver projects of all sizes and will work to support you right through to completion.

We provide an unbiased view of the entire process, managing suppliers and contractors to move the project smoothly to completion. Throughout, we keep safety and quality at the forefront of our decision-making.

Key services:

• Project and programme management
• Commercial management
• Procurement
• Estimating
• Project controls
• Project audit
• Risk management
• Contract management
• Design management
• Feasibility and option appraisal
• Project monitoring and due diligence
• Value management

Social legacy

Mining can transform local communities. New infrastructure, the sudden availability of work and stimulation of the local economy can bring positive changes. However, this has to be managed carefully as there are also challenges – an influx of new people can strain local resources, and eventual closure of the mine can leave many in need of new work. This in turn affects how the mine operator is viewed, with a positive social impact linked to reputational benefits and better business.

We can provide you with a comprehensive social impact assessment and devise strategies to improve the effect on the local area, providing a positive social legacy.

Key services:

• Social impact assessment, management and monitoring
• Community investment and development planning
• Stakeholder engagement and grievance management
• Resettlement and livelihood restoration
• Labour and human rights
• Indigenous peoples’ development

Unlocking asset value

Whether developing a new mining prospect, optimising existing operations, or planning for closure, there are always ways to reduce cost and save time through innovation, efficient design or by streamlining the delivery process. Our infrastructure, project management, environment and social specialists can help your mining team make the right choices.

1. Feasibility study

• Project management
• Pre-feasibility and feasibility studies
• Environment and social impact assessment
• Risk analysis
• Due diligence

2. Project execution

• Procurement and logistics
• Detail design: civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, public health
• Environment, health and safety
• Construction supervision
• Compliance audits

3. Operations

• Asset management
• Sustaining capital projects
• Training programmes

4. Mine closure

• Mine waste and process tailing stabilisation
• Rehabilitation and landscaping
• Legacy planning

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