Affordable and clean energy

Fuelling the energy transformation

It’s 2035 and leading nations are fast decarbonising their economies. It’s a vision for a cleaner, low-carbon, job-secure future.

This is how.

1. Cleaner Generation

There has been a huge increase in electricity from renewables.

2. Scaling up hydrogen

Hydrogen production is rising around the world and is being used for transport and by industry.

3. Energy infrastructure innovation

Energy storage is growing and supporting the transition to low-carbon electricity.

4. Fuelling transport

Electric vehicles are leading the way in transportation thanks to the huge rollout of charging infrastructure.

5. Industrial clusters

Political support and targeted policies have accelerated the commercial deployment of carbon capture over the past decade.

6. Blended heating, natural cooling

Electrification, hydrogen and low-carbon gas, such as biomethane, are all being employed to decarbonise heating.

7. Powerful new revenue streams

Businesses and organisations with large estates have taken full advantage of falling costs to install renewable energy technologies.

8. Agents of change

Digitalisation has given consumers access to information and unprecedented control over energy use.

9. Smarter utilities

Better use of existing assets and smarter deployment of energy resources is unlocking cost savings for customers.

10. One integrated system

Digitalisation is also making operation of the energy grid more efficient.

11. Regulating the transition

Regulation and legislation have been used to support the transition to renewable energy – but wind and solar beat fossil fuels on price, and investors have driven the switch.

12. Accessible, affordable, reliable

Access to affordable, reliable and modern energy services is being made universally available by the falling cost of renewable energy and energy storage.

13. At the local level

Energy transformation has helped to safeguard employment in industrial heartlands by modernising existing industries and providing new skilled jobs.

Together we can fuel the energy transformation.

Access to clean and affordable energy achieves more than just goal

From grey, to blue, to green hydrogen

This is the future